Mayor Hahn Leaves Office

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Jim Hahn won six straight elections for City Controller, City Attorney and Mayor of LA, but re-election was not to be. After 24 years in public office, tomorrow marks his last day in office. At yesterday-s City Council tribute to outgoing Mayor Jim Hahn, Mayor-elect Antonio Villaraigosa said, "I have big shoes to fill." As the baton is passed at City Hall, we talk to Jim Hahn about what was, what might have been, and what might be next.
  • Making News: Only 39% in Field Poll Would Vote for Schwarzenegger Again
    Today's California Field Poll has more bad news for Governor Schwarzenegger. Fifty-seven percent of registered voters say they don't want to re-elect him, an exact reversal from February, when 56% said they would vote for him again. John Wildermuth, who reports for the San Francisco Chronicle, says the man who could once reach across the aisle to bring legislators together has become just another politician.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: California Kids Donate Art Supplies to Tsunami Victims
    Tomorrow-s the last day in office for Mayor Hahn. It-s also the last day for former Mayor Richard Riordan as Governor Schwarzenegger-s Secretary of Education. Riordan, who has been moonlighting for the past few days as a Good Samaritan in Banda Aceh, the Indonesian city devastated by the tsunami six months ago, joins us to talk about his accomplishments in education and tsunami relief.

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