Mayor Hahn Proposes Sales Tax Initiative for March Ballot

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Measure A on last week-s ballot failed to get the necessary two-thirds vote County-wide for more law enforcement, but it did get 64% in the city. So Mayor Jim Hahn wants to go back to the voters again in search of a sales tax increase to pay for more cops. The proposed half-cent increase would make LA's sales tax the highest in California, along with Alameda County. As in last week's election, it will need a two-thirds approval. Will that help him win re-election? Are Los Angeles voters ready for new taxes after all? We find out more in our conversation with Mayor Hahn.
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    Los Angeles is just one of the nation-s biggest cities, all of which voted for John Kerry last week by big margins. The State of California, as a whole, also went Democratic. So, when it comes to competing for scarce federal dollars, will the City and State be left out by the Bush Administration? We hear from journalist Howard Fine, social economist Joel Kotkin of the New America Foundation, and LA City Councilman Martin Ludlow.



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