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Just as he was four years ago, polls show him running behind Antonio Villaraigosa, but now Villaraigosa's on the City Council, and Jim Hahn's the incumbent Mayor. Faced with two grand jury investigations, political wisdom has it that Hahn needs a high turnout of Republicans and conservatives, especially in the San Fernando Valley, which represents some 40% of the total vote. Despite his four years in office, in the most recent televised debate Hahn called Villaraigosa the candidate of the "status quo." Can Hahn turn it around by calling the Councilman soft on gangs, claiming credit for reductions in violent crime, and coming up with his own promises for education? With just two weeks left until election day, we speak with Mayor Hahn about his campaign for re-election.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Superintendent Romer Delivers State of the Schools Report
    Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates recently said that America's high schools are "obsolete," failing to prepare kids for the challenges of the globalized economy. Today, after 5 years on the job, LA Superintendent Roy Romer delivered his first address on the "State of the Schools." Romer joins us to talk about the state of the schools and his plan for making students understand the relevancy of education.

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