Mayor Villaraigosa Compromises on Takeover of LA Schools

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After two days in Sacramento, Mayor Villaraigosa, legislative leaders and the teachers' union have announced agreement on changing the governing structure of Los Angeles public schools. Instead of the Mayor taking them over, there would be "power sharing" between him, the elected board and a Superintendent with new powers. Today's developments come as a new study claims that graduation rates in LA schools are among the worst in the country's large, urban districts. The research arm of Education Week says just 44% of seniors have finished their work, compared to 71% in all of California. That compares to 48% reported by Harvard University and UCLA. Officials at LA Unified call that "historically flawed" and "unfair." Is it a real change or face saving for a mayor who wanted control? We hear from some of the players.
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    Graduation rates are a reminder that tens of thousands of seniors failed the California High School Exit Exam. Here's a reflection on that from Youth Radio's Jennifer Obakhume.

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