Mayoral Candidates Look for Endorsements

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Incumbent Mayor Jim Hahn already has the backing of organized labor, which went to Antonio Villaraigosa four years ago. Tonight, the LA County Democrats are scheduled to make their endorsement. They, too, backed Villaraigosa last time around, but remained neutral among Hahn and four other Democrats during this year's primary. Meantime, both Hahn and Villaraigosa are hitting South LA barber shops and Valley delicatessens to win the backing of Bob Hertzberg and Bernard Parks, who could be key to Republicans and the black vote. With just six weeks to go, we update LA's mayoral race with former Republican political consultant Allan Hoffenblum, columnist Marc Cooper and Earl Ofari Hutchinson, political analyst and president of the Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable.
  • Making News: LA Teachers' Union Reaches Deal with School District
    The contract between the LA School District and the United Teachers of Los Angeles lapsed in July of 2003. Three weeks ago, the teachers threw out their union leaders. But the new leadership won't take office until July, and today the lame-duck incumbents announced that a deal had been reached with the School Board. Will LA teachers vote for the 2 percent pay raise announced today? We ask John Perez, the current President of the UTLA.

UTLA on tentative agreement with LA Unified School District

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