Mayor's Budget: Can LA Afford 320 New Police Officers?

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The City of Los Angeles is notoriously under-policed for its geographical size and its population. Mayor Jim Hahn-s new budget calls for an additional 320 new cops, but studies by the Legislative Analyst and the City-s Administrative Officer predict budget deficits of $190 to $280 million, and municipal deficits are illegal under state law. Though no elected official ever went wrong by advocating more public safety, Hahn's proposal is running into trouble from the City Council, too. Elected officials also want more cops, but they-re worried that LA could wind up with a blooming deficit, just like that of the state. We hear from Mayor Hahn, who explains why he-s threatening to veto any reduction in his plan to hire 320 new LAPD officers, and from Councilman Jack Weiss who think he-s flirting with illegal red ink.
  • Making News: LA County's Median Home Price Passes $300,000
    Last year, the median price for houses and condos rose 19% in LA County, to a record $300,000-plus, despite the war in Iraq and economic uncertainty. DJ Waldie, information officer for the City of Lakewood and author of Holy Land: A Suburban Memoir, says Southern California has reached the end of "buildable" space for working people.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: LA County, Poverty Capital of the Nation
    The United Way of Greater Los Angeles has concluded that Los Angeles County is the -poverty capital of the nation,- where 2 million people live on less than $18,100 a year. Tomorrow, from noon to 2pm at LA City Hall, celebrities and elected officials are hoping for a big turnout at a rally to end poverty in California. State Senator Richard Alarc-n will be on hand.

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