Measure Y: More Kids, More Schools, More Money?

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The LA Unified School District has too many kids and not enough schools. It's building new schools and repairing old ones with money raised from three bond issues approved in the past seven years. Even former skeptics are amazed at the pace of construction. Now LAUSD wants voter approval of Measure Y on next week's ballot. It would raise $4 billion the District says it needs to finish the job. Is the money needed? Are current funds being spent as well as they should be? We hear a debate between School Board President Marlene Canter and David Abel of New Schools, Better Neighborhoods, a group advocating smaller school facilities.
  • Making News: Voters Oppose Four Schwarzenegger-Endorsed Measures
    The Field Poll has surveyed California voters on the measures Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger put on next Tuesday's ballot. The good news for the Governor is that most people are well informed. But, says Mark DiCamillo, director of the Field Poll, those who are familiar with the four measures are overwhelmingly against them.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Race to Replace Villaraigosa in LA's 14th Council District
    Antonio Villaraigosa ran for Mayor of Los Angeles after just two years as City Councilman for the 14th District. The man he defeated to get that council seat is Nick Pacheco, who's trying for a comeback in next week's election. Villaraigosa is supporting Pacheco's major opponent, Jose Huizar, who currently sits on the LA Unified School Board. Jazm-n Ortega, metro reporter for the Spanish-language newspaper, La Opin-on, has more on the race to candidates and the issues.

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