Medi-Cal, Power, and Belmont

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For the first time in 15 years, California is raising the rates it pays hospitals for treating Medi-Cal patients. Reimbursements, the lowest in the nation, were so low they violated federal law. Jan Emerson speaks for the California Healthcare Association, which lobbies for hospitals in Sacramento. She gives us some perspective on this small, but important, victory for hospitals.
In California this week, supplies of electricity dropped so low that parts of the state ran the risk of rolling blackouts. Are energy companies taking advantage of the public, or do we need to improve efficiency to counter our insufficient capacity. We get enlightenment from the head of the Independent Energy Producers Association, the Department of Water and Power, and a consumer advocate.
  • Newsmaker: Gore/Bush Court Challenges - Gore continues his legal appeals, the Florida legislature plans to appoint electors pledged to Bush, and attorneys for both candidates have filed briefs for tomorrow's State Supreme Court hearing. Meanwhile the fate of 25,000 absentee ballots remains undecided. Keeping track of it all is Warren Richey, legal writer and staff reporter for the Christian Science Monitor.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Belmont - Last night, LA School Superintendent Roy Romer told us his plan to determine if the Belmont Learning Center is safe, and we got responses from three school board members. Now we hear from board member David Tokofsky, and Robert Garcia, president of the citizen's committee that controls 2.4 billion dollars in school construction bond money.

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