Medicare Drug Deadline

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Midnight tonight is the last chance to sign up for the Medicare drug program or face lifetime penalties if you change your mind later on. Some six million eligible people haven't signed up, many because they don't know about the deadline or because they can't choose between as many as 80 different options. Is the Medicare Part D a lifeline for seniors or a windfall for drug and insurance companies? We talk with head of Medicare and others about how it works and how it might work better. (An extended version of this program originally aired earlier today on To the Point.)
  • Making News: Unexpected Windfall Gives Governor Spending Boost
    A few months ago, the state deficit was $6 billion and growing, but last week, Governor Schwarzenegger announced plans to cut it to $3.5, because economic recovery has increased tax revenues. He still has to get it passed the Democratic Legislature in an election year. Carla Marinucci, who reports on politics for the San Francisco Chronicle, says the windfall will not only impact the state, but the gubernatorial campaign as well.

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage (800-MEDICARE)



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