Methamphetamines in Los Angeles

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For the past few days, the LA Daily News has been reporting on the epidemic of methamphetamine, an epidemic developing under the radar that has saturated Los Angeles County in a big way. Spreading out from rural parts of the west, meth use now surpasses cocaine in LA County. Police and sheriff's detectives tell the paper that street crimes, identity theft and commercial burglaries are now more often committed by addicts of methamphetamine than heroin. Meantime, federal officials say more people use marijuana, so they're cutting back on funds to help local police fight against meth. How widespread is the abuse? What are the consequences? Why has California become a national model? We hear from experts in substance abuse from academia and law enforcement, and a member of a national methamphetamine task force
  • Making News: Court Rules Business Can't Deny Benefits to Domestic Partners
    The State Supreme Court ruled today that businesses must not discriminate against marital status. A golf club must give the same membership benefits to a registered lesbian couple as it gives to a man and wife. Bob Egelko, who covers the court for the San Francisco Chronicle, has more on today's civil rights decision.
  • Reporter's Notebook: LAX Runway Construction Will Increase Cancer Risk
    Officials at LA International Airport say moving a runway 55 feet is needed for airline safety, but the latest environmental impact report says the project will risk the health and happiness of local neighborhoods. Concerns run from classroom disturbances to sleep disruption and cancer. Jennifer Oldham, who is reporting the story for the LA Times, has more on the health concerns generated by construction plans.

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