Mexico Election

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Pedro Enrique Armendares: Investigative Journalist, currently working with Mexico's Branch of Investigative Reporters and Editors, a professional organization which promotes investigative journalism. Contributor to the BBC's Latin American Service. Ricardo Pascoe : Home: 011-525-615-0129 Campaign head for the Democratic Revolution Party's mayoral candidate Cuauhtemoc (kwow-TAY-mock) Cardenas (CAHR-day-nas). That's Mexico's PRD party. Mr. Pascoe is a graduate of New York University; he received his Ph.D from the London School of Economics. Senator Eduardo Andrade: Member of the Chamber of Senators in Mexico's Congress. Represents the PRI party -- the Institutional Revolutionary Party -- which has been the leading party in Mexican politics for the last seven decades. Fernando Estrada-Samano: Former PAN, or National Action Party, representative to Mexico's House of Representatives. Currently serves on the PAN's National Executive Committee and National Council Daniel Lund: Director General of Market Opinion and Research International's Mexico office. MORI is headquartered in London.Dr. Roberto Salinas: Executive Director for CISLE (sis-lay), The Center for Free Enterprise Research, an independent think tank in Mexico City. Received his Ph.D in Philosophy and Political Theory from Purdue University. Rogelio Ramirez de la O: Economic analyst with ECONAL; he consults with multi-national corporations based in Mexico. Dr. Ruben Zacarias : Superintendent, Los Angeles Unified School District. John Jacobs: Political Editor, McClatchey Newspapers. Based at the Sacremento Bee.



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