Mexico Evictions

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Some 70,000 Americans live for part of the year in Baja California. They've built homes, some worth millions of dollars, on land they thought they were leasing from Mexican owners. But in one case, Mexican courts have ordered owners evicted. Were they duped or did they fail to protect their own interests in a country? What about the thousands of other Americans who live in Mexico? We hear from the attorney and homeowners association that includes 200 of the 400 evicted homeowners, an American attorney who represents developers in Mexico, a spokesman for the US Embassy in Mexico City, and the Mexican consul general here in Los Angeles.
  • Newsmaker: Mayor Riordan says it's a bitter pill, but he'll sign the consent degree imposing reforms on the LAPD as demanded by the US Department of Justice. The deal will avoid a protracted and expensive lawsuit by giving oversight of reform to a monitor appointed by a federal judge. We spoke with Mayor Riordan as the City Council was debating final passage.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Democratic State Senator Adam Schiff is involved in the most expensive Congressional race in history. He's running against Republican James Rogan, one of the prosecutors in President Clinton's impeachment trial. We spoke with Rogan on October 26. Now we hear from Sen. Schiff.



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