Microsoft et al.

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Greg Shaw: Group manager for Corporate Relations, Microsoft. John C. Dvorak: Columnist for PC Magazine and PC Computing. Rick Rule: Partner, Covington and Burling, a Washington law firm. He specializes in antitrust and trade regulations. Served as Assistant attorney general in charge of Antitrust from 1986 to 1989. Steven Johnson: Editor of the online magazine, "Feed." Author of "Interface Culture." Paul Saffo: Director, Institute for the Future. Nancy Wong: Commissioner on President's Commission on Critical infrastructure Protection. On leave From Pacific Gas and Electric in San Francisco, where she was Manager from Information Assets and Risk Management. Peter Neumann: Principal Scientist, SRI International Computer Science Lab. Ellen Ullman: Software engineer and consultant. Author of a new book, "Close to the Machine." Mike Feuer: Los Angeles City Councilman, representing the 7th district, calling for Mike Hernandez to resign and for a new code of conduct for the council.



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