Money and Drugs in the Olympics.

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Amateurism once was integral to the Olympic spirit. How much has money corrupted the movement? Does it drive athletes to win at any cost? The Organizing Committee has tried to ban the use of performance-enhancing drugs and reduce the visibility of commercial interests-but, what's left of the Olympic movement? We'll get some answers today from Sydney and elsewhere.
  • Newsmaker: Bicycles and scooters have replaced buses and trains for thousands of people trying to get to work and school on this fourth day of the MTA drivers' strike. A labor-management meeting was scheduled this morning in Pasadena, where Jeffrey Rabin of the LA Times was standing by.
  • Reporter's Notebook: In Peru, does Democracy have a future after all? Francisco Sagasti of the think-tank FORO in Lima, Peru, talks about President Fujimori and his plans to step down.



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