Money for Education: Proposition 47, Measure K

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Proposition 47 is the largest school construction bond in state history. But even if Prop 47 passes, the Los Angeles Unified School District won-t get any money unless its voters approve Measure K, which would match $13 billion in state funds by raising the local property tax. Proponents say the measure will fund 120 new schools and modernization projects that will help alleviate overcrowding. Opponents denounce what they call the -same broken promises- made for 5 year-old Measure BB, a bond measure for projects that still haven-t been finished, despite a special citizens- oversight committee. We get opposing perspectives from a member of the LAUSD Parents Collaborative and an informal advisor to School Board member Genethia Hayes.
  • Newsmaker: Prop 47 Funds $13 Billion for School Construction
    Proposition 47 on next week-s ballot would authorize the largest school construction bond in state history, $13 billion to build new schools and modernize old ones. Nanette Asimov, who writes about education for the San Francisco Chronicle, has more on the proposition that-s supported by school advocate groups throughout the state.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Touch-Screen Voting Offers Unique Experience
    Touching screen ballots are the latest innovation for California voters. The alternative method of voting is now available at 21 locations in Los Angeles County, and even contains an audio instruction component, designed for voters who can-t see. Dr. Flora Beck, a retired school psychologist who is legally blind, praises the technology that affords her privacy and independence in the voting booth.

Prop 47: Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2002

Measure K

Touch-Screen Voting



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