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Although there will be no decision today from the Florida State Supreme Court, the seven justices have plenty to think about after 2 1/2 hours of high-powered arguments from lawyers for George W. Bush and Al Gore. To offer an analysis of today's events, we join UCLA Law Professor Daniel Lowenstein and Columbia Law School's Samuel Issacharoff, an election law specialist and Santa Monica attorney, and constitutional law scholar from the McGeorge School of Law.

After last year's failure of MedPartners, California's new Department of Managed Care promised to pick up the pieces. Now KPC Medical Management has collapsed and 300,000 Southern Californians are in danger of losing their doctors. We learn more from a physician monitoring KPC for the California Medical Association, a state assemblyman, and the president of the California Association of Health Plans who is a senior health care advisor to President Clinton.

  • Newsmaker: Florida Supreme Court Proceedings - America's presidency seems to rest with the Florida State Supreme Court. We get more on the proceedings from two law professors. Columbia University's Samuel Issacharoff specializes in election law, voting rights, and the constitution. UCLA's Dan Lowenstein authors books on election law.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Mayoral candidates & LAPD Chief Bernard Parks LA mayoral candidates are split over the fate of LAPD Chief Bernard Parks. James Hahn, Antonio Villaraigosa and Xavier Becerra back him, but Joel Wachs, Kathleen Connell and Steve Soboroff have concerns about his performance. Political consultant Arnold Steinberg tells us Parks stands little chance of being appointed to a second 5-year term.



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