MTA Strike Looms

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Just minutes after this morning's midnight deadline, the bus and rail drivers' agreed to postpone their strike against the Metropolitian Transportation Agency for 24 hours. The MTA's senior executive, Julian Burke, had joined the negotiations at the last minute. Today we'll get a progress report on the strike talks and look at prospects for the long haul.
How are bus and train RIDERS going to be affected? Are the drivers and mechanics being fair? What about the MTA's demands?
  • Newsmaker: The former Los Alamos scientist, Wen Ho Lee, is home at last after nine months in solitary confinement. But he's still a felon, after pleading guilty to one of the 59 counts lodged against him by the Department of Justice. We talk with one of Lee's attorneys, Brian Sun.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Is the LA Times giving up on neighborhood news? John Carroll, the new Editor of the LA Times talks about the end of special sections devoted to local communities.
  • Reporter's Notebook 2: Alex Padilla, council member -on the fence- in -consent decree- debate decides he-s with majority, thus forcing Mayor-s hand



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