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A special edition of Which Way, LA.? today includes a rebroadcast of the main segment of To the Point, KCRW's nationally syndicated public affairs program. Some of Ralph Nader's best friends are warning that he may be too successful for his own good. Former Nader's Raiders are telling the Green Party nominee to back off in states where he might tip the electoral vote to George W. Bush. But on the stump, Nader's tougher on Al Gore, saying that he's "betrayed" his basic principles. As many as six states may be at stake. Today we'll ask, could they make the difference in one of history's closest elections?
  • Reporter's Notebook: Gil Garcetti is running for a third term as Los Angeles District Attorney. He was faced into a run-off when he got fewer votes than his deputy, Steve Cooley, in a three-man race. Since then, Garcetti's been struggling to catch up. Garcetti talks with us about his campaign for re-election.

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