NAS Intelligence Gathering: Dems' Gubernatorial Debate

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State and local police agencies have been discredited in the past for spying on the wrong people, but since September 11, they've gotten more than a half-billion dollars in federal money to develop intelligence capabilities once again. President Bush today did not deny that the National Security Agency is compiling a database including every telephone call made in the United States. The Police Chiefs' Association says "all terrorism is local," but what about potential abuses of privacy and civil rights? Will local cops follow suggested guidelines or spy on politicians, peace groups and vegetarian activists as they have in the past? (An extended version of this discussion originally aired earlier today on To the Point.)
  • Making News: Did Schwarzenegger Win Last Night's Democratic Debate?
    One candidate wants tax breaks for Exxon-Mobile and the other is a tool of developers, and they're both in the Democratic Party. In San Francisco last night, gubernatorial candidates Steve Westly and Phil Angelides held what appears to have been their last debate before the June primary. Very few voters will have heard what turned out to be a relentless exchange of negative personal attacks. According to Bill Bradley, author of New West Notes online and a former advisor to the Democratic Party, the big winner was Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Democratic gubernatorial debate in San Francisco

Angelides' gubernatorial campaign

Westly's gubernatorial campaign

Schwarzenegger's re-election campaign

Bradley on Schwarzenegger as winner of Westly-Angelides debate

President Bush on NSA surveillance program

International Association of Chiefs of Police, Terrorism Committee

National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan



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