Near Misses at LAX

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On August 19 of this year, two big passenger jets were both cleared to land on the same runway at Los Angeles International Airport. They ended up just 185 feet from each other. Last Wednesday, mistakes by a pilot and an air controller caused a corporate jet to land on an LAX runway two other aircraft were already using. After these recent near-misses, air traffic controllers say the Federal Aviation Administration could co more to avoid runway crashes at LAX. We hear more from traffic controller Mike Foote and Don Walker of the FAA about recent near misses at LAX.
  • Making News: DUI's, Shootings, Misconduct on the Rise in Sheriff's Department
    Shootings by LA County Sheriff's deputies are on the rise, and there's an alarming increase in drunk driving and sexual misconduct by officers who are " "intentional and conscious" of their wrong doing. That's from the latest report of the Office of Independent Review, a panel of investigators and civil-rights lawyers set up by Sheriff Lee Baca himself. Michael Gennaco is the chief attorney.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Eisner Explains His Side in the Ovitz Case
    For the second day, Michael Eisner was on the witness stand in a Georgetown, Delaware courtroom, where stockholders are holding him and the Board of Walt Disney over the $140 million severance package given to Michael Ovitz after just 15 months on the job. Kim Masters is covering the testimony for National Public Radio.



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