New Chief, Old Problem

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Los Angeles has a new chief of police but gang violence remains the city-s number-one crime. With estimates that there are 100,000 gang members in LA and at least 200 active gangs, LAPD says 52% of all homicides committed in LA last year were gang-related. Since taking the reins in October, Police Chief William Bratton has placed gangs at the top of his agenda, appointing a gang czar and pledging to draw upon every state and federal resource to tackle the problem. How will America's self-described -top cop,- handle the oldest problem in the streets of LA? In this special live broadcast of Which Way, L.A.?, we hear from Cecil Murray, senior pastor for the First African Methodist Episcopal Church; Father Greg Boyle, executive director of Jobs for a Future/Homeboy Industries; a local gang member, and Chief Bratton himself.



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