New Hampshire's a Wrap, It's on to Super Tuesday

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John Kerry won big yesterday in New Hampshire, with 39 percent of the vote. Howard Dean had just 26, John Edwards and Wesley Clark each got 12 percent, and Joe Lieberman scored 9. But Iowa and New Hampshire are small, mostly white, states with a total of 67 Democratic delegates. Next Tuesday, more than four times that many will be up for grabs, in diverse states of the South, West and Midwest. We talk about the demographics, the delegate count and the issues, and hear from Arizona, South Carolina and the biggest prize of all-Missouri, whose favorite son Dick Gephardt dropped out. (This segment is an abbreviated version of one originally broadcast earlier today on To the Point.)
  • Making News: Tenet to Close 18 Hospitals in LA and Orange County
    Queen of Angeles/Hollywood Presbyterian, Brotman in Culver City, and Santa Ana's Western Medical Center are just some of the 18 LA and Orange County hospitals being put up for sale by Tenet Healthcare. The state-s largest hospital chain says it can-t afford $1.6 billion to meet new state-mandated earthquake standards. Dr. Steven Asch, who analyzes health policy for the Rand Corporation, says aggressive quality monitoring by federal authorities is taking its toll on hospital care.

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