New LAX Modernization Plan Unveiled

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Los Angeles International Airport is notorious for dangerous runways, and it hasn't been updated since the 1980's. Airlines have been pushing plans to expand it for 11 years, but they've been delayed by lawsuits filed by nearby residents and neighboring cities. Now, Mayor Villaraigosa has worked out a deal to get rid of the lawsuits by putting most of the expansion plans on hold. Can LAX meet the transportation needs of the future without destroying the quality of life for its neighbors? We hear from journalists covering aviation, community activists, former Mayor Richard Riordan and LA's Deputy Mayor for Transportation.
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    About 7% of Americans are Muslims, almost 40% of them--about 4 million people, are under the age of 29. Since last summer's bombings in London by young British men, many have asked whether a similar attack could happen here. Do young American Muslims feel conflict between their religion and their citizenship? In September 40,000 American Muslims gathered at a Chicago convention and a sample of 200 was surveyed by Muslim Public Affairs Council. Salam Al-Marayati is Executive Director.

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