New Planning Director for Los Angeles; New Mayor for SD

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Despite its reputation for unplanned urban sprawl, LA has a master plan. Con Howe has been Planning Director for the City of Los Angeles since 1992, but he's retiring some time this year. Even though the mayoral campaign has featured arguments about traffic congestion and urban sprawl, the search for Howe's successor has been a low-key enterprise without much public debate. Now, a group of developers, architects and neighborhood councils have sent an open letter asking for a creative visionary who can shape the city around common goals. Can LA become a more livable place? We get a progress report on a job search that's scheduled to end just three days after the runoff election for Mayor from experts in environmental and cultural affairs, and Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski, who's rumored to be in the running for the planning job.
  • Making News: Mayor of San Diego Abruptly Resigns
    San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy was re-elected in November, even though he got fewer votes than last-minute write-in candidate Donna Frye. Last week, Time magazine called Murphy one of America's three worst mayors. Today, he announced his resignation, effective in July. He'll be replaced by Deputy Mayor Michal Zucchet, unless he's convicted on bribery charges next month, says Phil Lavelle, who writes about politics for the San Diego Union-Tribune.

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