Nielsen People Meters Come to Los Angeles

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In the Los Angeles market tomorrow, the Nielsen Company plans to turn on its -people meters- for determining who-s watching what on TV. Ultimately, electronic devices will replace the familiar written diaries that determine how billions of advertising dollars are spent. Meantime, Spanish-language broadcaster Univision is still pursuing its case against the people meters in court. Warren Olney updates the ongoing fight over the Nielsen electronic "people meters- and the argument that they're under-reporting minority TV viewers with Rod Wright of Nielsen Media Research and Alex Nogales, president of the National Hispanic Media Coalition.
  • Making News: Former Enron CEO Ken Lay Indicted
    The word is out that former Enron CEO Kenneth Lay, the Texas energy tycoon who was a major contributor to then-Governor George W. Bush, has been indicted and will turn himself in tomorrow. Juli Niemann, senior vice-president and stock market analyst at R.T. Jones Capital Equities and co-author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Politics of Oil, updates the case that has wide-ranging implications for politics, business and investors.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Governor-s Panel Urges Drastic Prison Reform
    California-s $6 billion correctional system is America-s largest. A national model as recently as the 1970-s, a panel of experts has concluded that it-s now become one of the worst. It-s run by the prison guards- union, and it fails to rehabilitate inmates, which has led to the nation-s highest rate of recidivism. Former law-and-order Governor Republican George Deukmejian, who led the panel, says restructuring the system will save money and lives.

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