Ninth Circuit Recognizes a Right to Bear Arms in Public

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A federal appellate court says California's law against openly carrying guns in public is having an unintended consequence. Since the state also bans concealed carry, it's denying the 2nd Amendment right to "bear" arms. We unravel a complex case that could be on its way to the US Supreme Court. Also, the United Nations accuses North Korea of "crimes against humanity," including the starvation, torture and execution. Will the call for "accountability" at the International Criminal Court make a difference inside the country?

Image-for-WWLA.jpgLater on To the Point, after 12 years and many billions of dollars, the US still wants a residual force to remain when combat troops withdraw from Afghanistan at the end of this year. What's at stake for the Taliban and Afghan women? Will there still be support in this country for continued involvement?


Banner image: Lucio Eastman