No New Officers for the LAPD Yet

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Last week, LAPD Chief William Bratton invoked the specter of potential terrorism in Los Angeles as he voiced voicing anger at the City Council-s budget proposals. His boss, Mayor Jim Hahn, also expressed displeasure that his budget and proposal for 320 new officers was unacceptable to the council. Managing Editor Kyle McKinnon speaks with both Mayor Hahn and Chief Bratton about the Council-s apparently veto-proof vote on a compromise budget, the newly heightened terror alert, and unforeseen challenges of balancing public safety within pre-determined fiscal constraints. Finally, we get some perspective from a professor Los Angeles and California history.(To report any information on terrorism to the LAPD, dial 1-877-A-THREAT.)

Mayor Hahn-s proposed 2003-2004 budget

Chief Administrative Officer-s supporting documentation of budget

Chief Legislative Analyst-s overview of the budget

LAPD-s Anti-Terrorism Division



Warren Olney


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