Non-Citizens in the Military

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Some 37,000 members, almost three percent, of America's volunteer military are non-citizens, and they-re among the casualties in Iraq. Of the first 10 Californians killed, half were non-citizens. Three have been naturalized posthumously, and those who survive won-t have to wait if they want to become citizens. However bravely those individuals may have served, there still is opposition from those who contend that wearing the uniform of the United States is a -privilege- that should be restricted to citizens only. Is that a great and historic tradition or a practice that ought to be stopped? We get perspective from the executive director of a Washington think-tank that advocates strong immigration controls, Democratic State Senator Dean Florez who represents California's central valley, and the director of the nonpartisan Pew Hispanic Center.
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    As American troops settle in to spend the night in Saddam Hussein-s Baghdad palaces, others say they might have found chemical weapons. Former defense policy analyst Richard Anderson weighs the task of reintroducing order in Iraq, the search for political leaders after the country lengthy history of single-party regime, and the discovery that could prove to be the crucial smoking gun in international politics.

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