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Dr. Moneim Fadali : President of Staff. Cardiovascular and thorasic surgeon. Been at Queen of Angels for more than 20 years.Christi Sulzbach : Associate General Counsel and Senior Vice President, Tenat Health Care. Dr. Jennifer Reifel: Co-Chair, California Physicians Alliance. Oncology Fellow at UCLA. Assemblyman Scott Baugh : Republican Assemblyman from Huntington Beach, member of the Assembly Health Committee. Julio Mateo : Staff Attorney and policy analyst, Consumer's Union West Coast office. Monitors conversions of health care corporations from non to for profit. Gary Gunderson: Director, Interfaith Health Program at the Carter Center in Atlanta. Eric Kongshaug: Editor, Random Lengths, an independent paper covering the harbor area. MARK GALLAGER: DR. YVONNE SCRUGGS-LEFTWICH:

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