"Not Guilty" Verdict in Jackson Molestation Trial

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In a conservative corner of Santa Barbara County, Michael Jackson has been acquitted of all ten counts involving child-molestation. Fans were delighted, others were outraged, but District Attorney Tom Snedden would not rule out another case against Jackson. 10 years ago, a settlement stopped Santa Barbara District Attorney Tom Snedden from prosecuting on similar charges. After today-s verdict, he was asked what that history had to do with bringing this year-s complicated indictment. We hear more about the jury-s decision and what Jackson might do about his tarnished reputation.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Governor Schwarzenegger Wants an Election
    Governor Schwarzenegger made it offical today. There will be special election this coming November. Dan Weintraub of the Sacramento Bee joins us with the details.

Governor orders special statewide election November 8



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