Nursing Crisis

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An acute nursing shortage in California is very real, but shouldering the long-term fix could bankrupt hospitals. Continued short staffing could threaten patient care. A pending "nurse-to-patient formula" appears promising, but the ratio's inflexibility could complicate the situation as patient care needs and nurse's skill levels vary greatly. We examine the shortage and what can be done to improve patient care and nurses' morale with an independent journalist, the head of the California Nurses Association and the director of a trade organization that represents private and public California hospitals. (Kyle McKinnon guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: LAPD Officer Investigations and Interim Policy on DA referrals The LAPD is ceding some control over potential criminal cases against its own officers to the District Attorney's office. The department had been criticized for dropping many such cases, especially after a 1998 policy change by Chief Bernard Parks. LAPD Inspector General Jeffrey Eglash warns tougher rules could have more officers facing prosecution.
  • Reporter's Notebook: FBI Investigation of LAX Solicitations A three-year FBI investigation has resulted in the arrest of seven apparent members of a terrorist group alleged to be taking in thousands of dollars at LAX in the form of charity donations from travelers. FBI spokesman Matt McLaughin traces the group's motive and the flow of money from LA, through Turkey, to the Untied Arab Emirates.

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