NY Designer Chosen to Create OC Great Park

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After a competition with 38 candidates, Orange County is betting on a New York landscape architect to build one of America's largest urban parks, a project that could take decades. Boosters compare the Great Park as comparable to Central and Golden Gate Parks in New York and San Francisco. New York landscape architect Ken Smith, who called the former El Toro Marine Base "flat, featureless and uncomfortable," has promised to make it "the most extraordinary park" of the 21st Century, one that will feature a lake, air museum and amphitheater accessible to visitors on foot, orange bicycles and in hot air balloons. It will also feature a 70-foot deep canyon two and a half miles long. We talk with the man picked to give Orange County its new image.
  • Making News: Disney Buys Pixar
    It's official. Disney is buying Pixar for $7.4 billion. Steve Jobs of Pixar will become one of Disney's largest shareholders. NPR's entertainment industry correspondent Kim Masters, whose books include Keys to the Kingdom: The Rise of Michael Eisner and the Fall of Everybody Else, says Disney expects to capitalize on Pixar's creative animation talents.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Alito Nomination Goes to the Full Senate, Feinstein Votes No
    Today's vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee was 10 Republicans for and eight Democrats against Judge Samuel Alito's nomination to the US Supreme Court. California's Senior Senator, Dianne Feinstein, was on the losing side. She joins us to discuss her vote and the possibility of a filibuster when Alito's name goes before the full Senate.

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