OC Weekly Makes the Case for Governor McClintock

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With Election Day not until Tuesday, Arnold Schwarzenegger-s acting as if he-s Governor already and Gray Davis is still campaigning to keep his job. Today-s Los Angeles Times Poll shows that 56 percent of likely voters want Davis recalled from office. To replace him, Arnold Schwarzenegger beats Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante with 40 percent to 32. Schwarzenegger-s celebrity candidacy has made the recall election big news all over the world. Now, this week's OC Weekly, one of the progressive voices in Orange County, endorsed ultra-conservative State Senator Tom McClintock on the replacement ballot. Reporter R. Scott Moxley, who wrote the cover-story endorsement, believes that McClintock's politics far outshine Schwarzenegger's platitudes, and offer the kind of "tough love" that Democrats so badly need.
  • Making News: Davis Gets Support from Clark, Arnold Outlines Plan
    Campaigning today with presidential candidate Wesley Clark, Governor Gray Davis made it clear that he-s not giving up yet. Arnold Schwarzenegger was campaigning as well, before an invitation-only crowd where he outlined his plan for his first 100 days. Gina Keating is following Davis for Reuters News Service. John Wildermuth is following Schwarzenegger for the San Francisco Chronicle.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Schwarzenegger Ignoring Hollywood
    Hollywood is full of celebrities who practice politics-both liberal and conservative. Yet, when it comes to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hollywood doesn-t seem to be taking public notice one way or the other. That-s according to Bob Dowling, president and editor-in-chief of The Hollywood Reporter.

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