On the Verge of an ER Meltdown?

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With LA County having lost six emergency rooms in the past year and several more reportedly on the verge of shutting down, even past skeptics agree that a long-predicted -meltdown- may be about to happen. Last week, it was Elastar Community in East LA. This week it's Northridge Medical Center in Van Nuys. The head of the County-s Emergency Medical Services Agency told the New York Times, -It-s not going to change until somebody in a high position has a family member die because they couldn-t get treatment in an emergency room.- What-s the predictable human cost of more closings? How many people will have to die before we begin to resolve the problem? Warren Olney hears from an official of a local hospital trade organization and a supervisor whose district faces two potential closures.
  • Making News: County Considers Pesticide Spraying to Counter West Nile
    The LA Board of Supervisors today authorized county crews to enter private property to control mosquitoes that could be carrying the West Nile Virus. Four of the 9 Californians who-ve died from related complications were from LA County. Jack Hazelrigg, general manager of the Greater Los Angeles Vector Control District, says his office is moving quickly to counter mosquito activity in an effort to curtail disease.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The Return of the Red Car?
    The MTA Red, Blue and Green line railroads follow routes close to the historic Red Cars. Retired in 1961, the trolleys hauled passengers from Downtown LA to San Bernardino, Santa Ana, San Pedro and San Fernando. Now, the Community Redevelopment Agency is about to spend $100,000 to study the feasibility of bringing them back. Ken Bernstein of the LA Conservancy is also a member of the Downtown Red Car Advisory Committee.

Centers for Disease Control on West Nile Virus

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