One-Day One-Trial Solution for Jury Duty

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If Jury service is a cornerstone of our democracy, why do citizens complain that it's just not worth it? In California, a new "one-day one-trial" plan is designed to take the pain out of jury duty but requires an even greater number of people to be called as prospective jurors, and those assigned to long trials may not be compensated by their employers. We weigh the cost of good citizenship, in time and money, with a law professor who just completed his jury service, an LA Superior Court judge, and the chair of government affairs for the LA-area Chamber of Commerce.
  • Newsmaker: Rafael Perez to Be Freed - LA's most notorious ex-cop was ordered released from jail today by a judge who insisted the court fulfill its promise to Raphael Perez for information he provided in the LAPD's Rampart Division scandal in exchange for sentencing leniency for stealing cocaine from an evidence locker. Ann La Janeusse, of the Los Angeles Daily Journal, explains.

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