Opinions on Iraq beyond the Outskirts of LA

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Tens of thousands of Californians turned out this weekend to protest possible war in Iraq. News reports focused on the massive crowds in Los Angeles and San Francisco, but California is a big state, and pollsters say there-s a big difference between the coast and the inland regions. While LA and San Francisco are used to rallies of any kind, the main question in two inland towns this past weekend was how many people would turn out to oppose any war in Iraq. We speak with a stay-at-home mom in the mountain town of Wrightwood, where there-s no movie theater and 14 churches, and the city editor of a daily newspaper serving Barstow, Dagget, Fort Irwin, Hinkley, and Newberry Springs, about how things look from their points of view.
  • Making News: CBS 2 Report on Radioactive Shipments
    As US intelligence warns of possible terror attacks using weapons of mass destruction, federal records show that 200 devices containing radiological materials have been stolen, missing or lost in the past five years. Many such incidents have occurred in California, but state officials say there-s nothing they can do to keep it from happening again. All that-s according to a report on CBS 2-TV news by investigative reporter Randy Paige.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: From Los Angeles to Iraq
    The Californians in Code Pink for Peace says they-re determined to do all they can to stop a war in Iraq. Earlier this month, they visited Baghdad. Veteran political organizer and advocate for progressive causes, Kelly Hayes-Raitt visited Baghdad as an opponent of war against Iraq--and as student of political spin.

CBS 2 Special Assignment investigation into -A Terrorist-s Tool-



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