Orange County Toll Roads

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As Orange County's population grows by the hundreds of thousands, the debate rages over plans for construction of the last leg of the region's toll road. Planners defend the project as a way to relieve increasing congestion, but environmentalists criticize it as a threat to adjacent parkland. We discuss the toll road's impact on environment and urban sprawl in a "which came first, the community or the highway" forum with the chair of the agency that will authorize construction of the toll road, and a conservationist with the Sierra Club. (Kyle McKinnon guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: PUC Approves Power Hikes - The cost of living and doing business in California jumped today when the state's Public Utilities Commission approved a hefty rate hike for customers. Tom Higgins, of Edison International, explains the new tiered system, criticizes greedy out-of-state generators, and lauds today's decision that will help utilities regain their credit worthiness.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Mayoral Candidates Join Opposition to LAX - Two weeks before election day, all six major mayoral candidates have come out against the LA International Airport master expansion. Political scientist Raphe Sonenshein gives us his view on the unanimous consensus, the upcoming election, and the unusual challenges that await the city's new mayor.

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