Phil Angelides' Race for Governor; Prop 82

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Phil Angelides is a former developer finishing up his second term as Treasurer of the State of California. He's been exchanging television attack-ads with Controller Steve Westly, his opponent in next week's Democratic primary for Governor. We'll try to get past the advertising and the rhetoric by asking each candidate about his priorities, his political style and how he would use the state's most powerful office to benefit Californians. We've invited the Controller to join us on Monday. Tonight, we discover what State Treasurer Phil Angelides would be like as Governor.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Prop 82, the Universal Pre-School Initiative
    Prop 82 on Tuesday's ballot would raise income taxes on individuals who earn more than $400,000 and couples who earn twice that much. It would raise $2.4 billion a year, enough by 2010 to provide one year of free pre-school to every four-year old Californian, regardless of how well off their parents might be. The measure has divided traditional allies and split both parties into supporters and opponents. We hear the pros and cons from early-education consultant Karen Hill Scott and Bill Hauck of the campaign for College Opportunity.

George Skelton's LA Times column on differences between Angelides and Westly

Proposition 82: Preschool Education



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