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A senior Los Angeles judge is considering the charge that prosecutors and the LAPD are violating the law by not telling defense attorneys about police witnesses with histories of misbehavior. We'll preview hearings that could effect thousands of criminal cases, and consider whether judges have the right and responsibility to determine if police testimony is true. Joining us are Erwin Chemerinsky who authored a report on the LAPD Rampart corruption case, Dennis Zine of the LA Police Protective League, an assistant presiding judge of the Los Angeles superior court, and a deputy public defender whose client's conviction was overturned when Rafael Perez admitted that he and a partner shot and framed him.
  • Newmaker: The longest strike in Hollywood history won't really end until a tentative agreement with the advertising industry is ratified by the boards of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of TV and Radio Artists, then by the rank and file. David Robb, who writes for The Hollywood Reporter, recaps the settlement and what it portends for actors when their contract with the studios expires next year.
  • Reporter's Notebook: In a replay of the Democratic convention, demonstrators clashed with the LAPD in downtown Los Angeles yesterday during a protest against police brutality. Ben Ehrenreich, a freelance writer who covered the event for the LA Weekly, was caught in the melee that ended with injuries as well as arrests. He talks about conflicting reports of who began the violence, the LAPD's use of rubber bullets and their apparent disregard to distinguish between reporters and demonstrators, adults and children.



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