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Today's Daily News reports that murders are up while arrests are down in the San Fernando Valley. One reason is a shortage of cops. In the past four years, the Los Angeles Police Department has declined in numbers by more than ten percent. Trained officers are leaving the force, and not enough new ones are being signed up despite a television advertising campaign and recruitment effort that reaches as far as New York. We find out why and what's being done to remedy the situation. We talk to a nine-year veteran of the department, the head of LAPD recruitment, and to an applicant who can't understand why the process is taking so long.
  • Newsmaker: Privacy for Sale
    California consumer groups want to require that banks and insurance companies get your permission before they sell or share your financial information, but the proposal is not catching fire in Sacramento. Jim Knox, Executive Director of the political watchdog group Common Cause, attributes special-interest political contributions, including an $ 80,000 contribution to Governor Gray Davis, as one of the main stumbling blocks.

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