Pope John Paul II's Impact on Los Angeles

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The body of Pope John Paul II is lying in state in St. Peter's Basilica. After his funeral and burial on Friday, LA's Cardinal Roger Mahony will take part in the conclave that selects his successor. Mahoney is Archbishop of Los Angeles, America's largest Roman Catholic Archdiocese. We speak with two Catholic historians, Kevin Starr and D.J. Waldie, who reflect on the City of Angels' long relationship with the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Making News: Chevron/Texaco Buys Unocal
    Two California-based oil companies announced a $16 billion merger today. Chevron Texaco of San Francisco will buy Unocal, the independent based in El Segundo. David Baker, who covers energy for the San Francisco Chronicle, has more.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Andrea Rich Quits LACMA
    Andrea Rich has abruptly resigned as head of LA County's Museum of Art. Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky was one of those who said he was -shocked- by the departure of the woman credited with restoring financial stability to LACMA. Today's LA Times quotes Rich as explaining that struggles with board members played a role in her decision. Art collector, patron and LACMA board member Eli Broad has more on Rich's departure.

ChevronTexaco on Unocal purchase


Baker's (March, 2004) article on rumored ChevronTexaco/Unocal merger

LA Times article on Rich's anticipated resignation



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