Post Election Wrap-up

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LA has a new mayor, a new city attorney and a new city council. All of them are about to be faced with a multiplicity of agendas from downtown lobbyists, neighborhood councils, environmentalists and secessionists, who actually want to break up the city. Tonight we'll hear from LA's new Mayor James Hahn, from other newly-elected officials, from pollsters and pundits. We'll also talk to the winner of Compton's mayoral election-and it's not Omar Bradley.
  • Newsmaker: Omar Bradley ousted by Eric Perrodin as mayor of Compton - In the April primary, the City of Compton's incumbent Mayor Omar Bradley was forced into a runoff by a political neophyte, who ran a grassroots campaign against Bradley's entrenched political machine. In yesterday's runoff, Bradley lost-by 267 votes. The winner is Eric Parrodin, a Deputy District Attorney and brother of Percy Perrodin-formerly of the Compton Police Department, which was dismantled last year by the Bradley administration.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Canter defeats incumbent Valerie Fields for school board - Yesterday's election featured a challenge to incumbent School Board member Valerie Fields. Campaign spending eventually set a record for school board elections-more than three million dollars. The winner was Marlene Canter, who spent more than one million dollars of her own money.



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