Post Governors Debate Debate

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MARK BALDASSARE: Senior Fellow, Public Policy Institute of California. Director of the Institute's statewide survey on the changing political landscape of California KATHLEEN WARNER: Lawyer by training, now a stay-at-home mom who occasionally does some legal work. Middle of the road, somewhat left leaning. Liked how Lungren handled himself, but apparently favors Harman slightly WILLIAM BRADLEY: Publisher, New West Notes, a political newsletter distributed on the Internet. Private political consultant & risk analyst. Former senior advisor to the California Democratic party JAMES LEDESMA: Sherman Oaks, a tape duplicator for a radio network. Disliked Lungren intensely, but had thoughtful responses during the focus group discussion. Will likely back Harman or Davis ALLAN HOFFENBLOOM: Principal of Hoffenbloom and Associates. Republican political consultant. Produces the Non-Partisan Candidate Council slate, which reaches 1.5 million households. Once it only included non-partisan races, but it has evolved into the major Republican slate. Author of California Target Book DANIEL LEONHARDT: A regional sales manager for an electronics firm. Liked Lungren before, likes him even more afterward. Conservative in most respects, though he did have some good things to say about Harman Commander Bill Stonich: Commander Bill Stonich, wrote two letters to Sheriff's Department staff Sara Catania: LA Weekly staff reporter




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