Power Blackouts and the Legislature

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After two days of rolling blackouts, Gov. Davis has submitted a plan that would get the state into the energy business. Now it's up to the Legislature to approve his plan to lessen, if not resolve, some of the problems that sparked the crisis. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Is this the end of deregulation? What's next? We'll hear from a legislator who sits on the state's special energy panel, a spokesman for the governor, a consumer advocate, the director of an energy trade organization, and journalists from Northern and Southern California who've been following the story.
  • Newsmaker: Impact of Power Crisis on Hospitals - They may be exempt from rolling blackouts, but they're not exempt from the crisis. Hospitals are among the energy-users that signed long-term contracts assuming the worst wouldn't occur. Jim Lott, who represents hospitals in Southern California, says the worst is here, and funds must be diverted from labor and other services to pay the bills.
  • Reporter's Notebook: LAX Environmental Impact Report - LA's Dept. of Airports has released a long-awaited environmental report on the modernization of LAX. Does "improvement" mean expansion? Will the plan provide much needed relief for increasing air traffic, or run over neighboring communities? We get opposing views from the airport's Lydia Kennard and El Segundo Mayor Mike Gordon.

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