Power Plant Pollution, State of the Bay

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Houston may be the smoggiest city in the US but LA's still high on the list despite years of efforts to clean up. The widely heralded "reclaim" program helped the city stay on target for achieving its goals until the energy crisis brought polluting power plants back on line. We assess the success of industry regulatory controls as well as alternatives for cleaner power with two guests. John White heads a coalition of the nation's leading environmental groups and innovative technology companies. Carol Coy administers the emissions trading program for the South Coast Air Quality Management District.
  • Newsmaker: Free Trade Summit in Quebec - President Bush has arrived in Quebec for the weekend's summit on a hemisphere-wide free trade zone. Today protestors exchanged rocks, bottles, hockey pucks and tear gas with law enforcement. Stephen Handelman, of Time magazine, updates us on the situation inside and outside the summit.
  • Reporter's Notebook: State of the Bay on the Eve of Earth Day 2001 While summer brings good water quality to Santa Monica beaches, winter storms wash massive amounts of urban runoff into the bay. Steve Fleischli, head of the environmental group Santa Monica BayKeeper, says several cost-effective procedures would help improve water quality along the Los Angeles River.

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