Power Plants and Energy Stability

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After last year-s energy crisis, companies rushed to build new power plants and promised even more to come. But prices have since dropped and, now more than half of those projects have been delayed or cancelled. Skittish after the implosion of Enron, Wall Street became reluctant to finance new projects. Does that mean more energy shortages may be in store? Does the state need less regulation, or more? We hear two different perspectives of what-s happened and what it portends for the future. Peter Navarro is an associate professor of economics and public policy at the University of California Irvine. Gary Ackerman is executive director of the Western Power Trading Forum, a trade organization representing energy wholesalers and service providers.
  • Newsmaker: Pope Canonizes First American Indian Saint
    In Mexico today, Pope John Paul canonized Juan Diego, the 16th Century Aztec said to have been a catalyst for converting the Americas to Christianity. Father Richard Estrada, of the Mission Church of San Conrado in Downtown LA, elegizes the humble indigenous man who moved out of the shadows and into sainthood.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Candidate for LAPD Chief Wins Important Endorsements
    The African-American Oscar Joel Bryant Foundation and Hispanic American Police Command Officers Association have each thrown their support behind Commander George Gascon. The 23-year LAPD veteran is one of 47 candidates vying to succeed LA Police Chief Bernard Parks. Gascon addresses the significance of the endorsement, calls for a Latino chief, and the Department-s ongoing efforts to improve officer training.

Canonization of Juan Diego

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