President Bush Issues Ultimatum to Saddam Hussein

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President Bush told the nation tonight that US diplomatic efforts to avoid war against Iraq have ended. Bush issued a warning to Saddam Hussein that he has just 48 hours to leave the country or face the massive military force of the US and its allies. Earlier today, at the United Nations, a US-backed final resolution was pulled from the table to avoid an embarrassing defeat. American, British and Spanish diplomats all pointed the finger squarely at France, which claimed majority support on the Security Council. We hear the latest from the White House and the UN, and speak with a powerful contingent of California Congressmen, including Democrat Xavier Becerra, Republican David Dreier, and Democrat Brad Sherman, who voted with the President on Iraq last October. Managing Editor Kyle McKinnon guest hosts.

President Bush-s national address on Iraq

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UN Security Council

Resolution 1441 (2002)

Resolution 687 (1991)

Resolution 678 (1990)



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