President Bush Juggles States- Rights, Federalism

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Like other Republican presidents, George Bush is bully on states- rights. He-s proposed new powers for the states, over Medicaid, unemployment and other social programs. Yet the President-s promise to reduce the size of federal government means that these new responsibilities may not come with the money to carry them out. On other issues, like medical marijuana in California, the President is asserting federal powers whether states like them or not. Does the President really care about states- rights or just getting federal spending off the government-s back? We hear more about pragmatism and GOP policy from legal expert Eddie Lazarus, former California GOP chair Michael Schroeder and government organizational specialist Don Kettl of The Century Foundation.
  • Making News: USOC Focuses on Carson as Olympic Training Site
    Yesterday, a former councilman in the City of Carson pleaded guilty to taking bribes. Yet, as that federal corruption investigation continues, the US Olympic Committee has plans that could make Carson the de facto base for Olympic athletics in the US. Alan Abrahamson, who covers the Olympic movement for the LA Times, reports on what the proposed move means for the Southland and for Denver billionaire Philip Anschutz.



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