President Richard Atkinson Graduates from UC

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Richard Atkinson became President of the University of California in 1995. The former chancellor of UC San Diego initiated major change in the basic college entrance exam that-s used all over the country, and implemented a ban on affirmative action-even though he disagreed. During Atkinson-s eight-year tenure, UC has grown to 190,000 students with a budget of $13 billion. The ground has just been broken for a tenth campus at Merced. Now, at age 73, after nearly a decade of controversy over admissions, affirmative action and money, the head of the nation-s most prestigious public school system is retiring. We ask him about the about the value of a college degree in a sagging economy, and the best-and worst-moments of a very difficult job.
  • Newsmaker: Old Glory May Be Gone
    That 400-year-old oak tree west of Santa Clarita will be moved, despite the best efforts of tree-sitter John Quigley and the people who pay him. That-s the latest from John Laing Homes, which says that Old Glory is in the way of its new housing development approved three years ago by Los Angeles County. Lynne Plambeck, president of the Santa Clarita Organization for Planning the Environment, has an update.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Losing Weight
    Losing weight means more than wearing a different size. The adolescent who was once taunted by other children when she was a chubby little girl is now a slim co-ed. Patty Villareal, a contributor to Youth Radio in Los Angeles, talks about what it means to be in high school and lost 30 pounds.



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