Preview of the Republican National Convention

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As Republicans head for next week-s nominating convention, today-s Los Angeles Times poll shows President Bush edging ahead of John Kerry. But voters are still so closely divided that the lead is within the margin of error, and while Kerry-s been forced to defend his record in Vietnam, Bush now faces a lot of uncertainties in New York City. What do the Republicans need to accomplish next week to give Bush the -bounce- parties hope for after their nominating conventions? What are the prospects for chaos on the streets if tens of thousands of protesters have no place to go? How unified is the Republican Party on the war in Iraq, deficits and growth in government? Warren Olney speaks with New York Times' reporter Michael Slackman and columnist David Brooks. (An extended edition of this program was broadcast earlier today on To the Point.)
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Women Athletes of Ancient Greece
    This summer in Athens, it-s been conventional wisdom that women were taking part in an Olympiad for the first time in the country where the Games began more than a thousand years ago. Not so, according to an art historian from Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California. In Athletries, Athens-reared and educated Irini Vallera-Rickerson makes a compelling case that female athletes were part of the original Olympic Games after all.

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